Introduction > About Robo-One
Robo-One, which implies meaning of making a world peacefully by robots, was initiated at the Future Science Park in Japan in Feb. 2002. Under the aim of putting robots
to practical use in a real world, Robo-One has been providing a place where humanoid robots compete with each other by way of high-end intelligent robot technical skills
in composition of entertainment.
Through Robo-One having expanded its influence to the world, several international Robo-One committees already have been set up in Japan, Korea, China, Austria, and other countries such as USA, Canada, and Germany are to be opened soon. With the theme “harmony of robots and human beings,” the first Robo-One Asia was held in Busan, Korea in 2003, and the second Robo-One Asia is planned to be held in Korea
in May, 2005. Besides, Robo-One in Space is under consideration to be opened in 2010.
Since the first Robo-One Korea at Bucheon Technopark in July 19, 2003, the number of participants has been increasing in every year. Robo-One has attracted the attention from domestic and overseas robot specialists, robot mania as well as the public.
At present, the number of membership in Robo-One Korea is over 3,000