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Welcome to the official homepage of Robo-One Korea.
Human beings have been trying to develop another creature which resembles their features for a long time. As a result of their efforts, humanoid robots which are similar to human feature have been created, and we can name this big change as “Robot Revolution.”
Now as we face the era of the revolution, it is inevitable for human being to live with robots. This robot revolution will change our lives & circumstances in everyday as providing us happiness and convenience as well as unhappiness and inconvenience together.
As the humanoid robots coexist with human being, the world of robots should be considered another world of us. Under this circumstance, Robo-One Korea is destined to contribute to spread of scientific technology and culture under the name of robots.
Through this homepage and various Robo-One events which to be held in nationwide all the year round, I wish the robot culture could pervade to people as many as possible to develop it more healthy and valuable.
Thank you.
Jang, Seong Jo
Chairman of Korea Robo-One Committee